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Do you possess cultural awareness and intercultural competence, essential to initiating and maintaining activities abroad and realistically manage the transition to a new country? Are you flexible enough to successfully command significant change in an unfamiliar environment? Are you prepared for the everyday lifestyle differences abroad? Are you confident that your personal and working style is cross-culturally compatible?

Our specialized services, facilitating intercultural business, communication, negotiation and personal relationships between Dutch or Bulgarian partners cover the following topics:

  • Expatriate adjustment consultation to prepare for international relocation and deal with the personal, familial and professional challenges of a new life in the Netherlands or Bulgaria
  • Specialized Dutch Civic Integration training course for obtaining the MVV card
  • Re-entering Bulgaria
  • Country specific knowledge programme about the Netherlands or Bulgaria

Nederlandica provides three forms of dynamic consultation that aim to deliver the most appropriate response to your cross-cultural needs:

Intercultural Advisory Services: Personalized consulting on a case-by-case basis to design, develop, and implement intercultural awareness and learning mechanisms for relocating and adapting to diverse cultures.

Intercultural Coaching Services: Personalized coaching sessions supporting intercultural sensitivity, insight, engagement and effectiveness, with a strong emphasis on individual development. Our intercultural coaching is a cost effective solution that reduces frustration in communication between cultures, and facilitates intercultural understanding through the support of adaptive strategies on an ongoing basis. The duration of an individual coaching session is usually 90 minutes.

Intercultural Training Services: Day courses focusing on the critical aspects of intercultural communication between individuals, tailored to company, individual or group requirements, that aim to:

  • Strengthen work performance through effective cultural adjustment
  • Provide strategies for cross-cultural co-operation, co-ordination and integration
  • Improve understanding of cultural difference, emotional response, and mixed ethnicity in a variety of cross-cultural situations
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