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Dutch Language Learning

Nederlandica offers intensive Dutch language training for motivated adults individually. The teaching methodology is based on a recent quality system, tailored to the needs of learners, who are directly oriented to be mobile on the EU labour market. It is a positive, rewarding, intensive contact approach allowing personal expression. The language classes are complemented by information on Dutch culture and are designed to combine communicative and linguistic competence and increase individual cultural awareness about the Netherlands in the Dutch language. We offer a highly flexible trajectory, fully adjusted to the learner’s abilities, that aims to master listening, reading, speaking, comprehension and writing skills.

Training can be provided in five Dutch competency levels:

  • Basic level Dutch language knowledge (A1)
  • Elementary level Dutch language knowledge  (A2)
  • Pre-intermediate level Dutch language knowledge (B1)
  • Intermediate level Dutch language knowledge (B2)
  • Advanced level Dutch language knowledge (C1)
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