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About us

Nederlandica combines professional expertise and experience with unique delivery methods and a personal touch to assist with the effective application of intercultural performance and cross-cultural knowledge, and to improve individual advancement and productivity in a foreign country. Nederlandica works in a transparent step-by-step method: introduction, identification of attainable goals, creation of an inventory of needs and benefits, making of an offer and a contract, delivery of chosen services, and mutual assessment on completion. We collaborate with a network of experienced colleagues to create the team that is most suited to your needs.

Nederlandica is developed by HUBANO P.R. Pavlina Houbanova holds a graduate Dutch Doctorandus degree and a Master of Arts degree in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is a certified user of Dutch as a second language. Pavlina is a country specific expert, intercultural researcher, coach and instructor with considerable business experience in intercultural profit and not-for-profit management, multicultural research, lecturing and training. Through her career, Pavlina has lived and worked in Nigeria, Egypt, France, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands and is very experienced in teaching and managing complex intercultural skills and competences.

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